Possibility of UKUI coming to EndeavourOS?

I’m just wondering if it’s on the cards that UKUI may come to EndeavourOS as a desktop at some point, as it is already in the Arch repo.

And more broken than an alpha version of KDE 4.0… Just wait until it is really working :slight_smile:


At some point it can be a candidate… at some point if its more workable ofcourse… :slight_smile: future only tells

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ArcoLInux has now implemented it as a choice with their v20.7.5.iso, but upon testing the live ISO, it does have a slight lag to it, I thought.

Is UKUI fully usable or not? Let’s not overpopulate installation list. ArcoLinux installer is Hell and so complicated I wonder how it is still alive…

I think it best to give it 2-3 months, and then take another look at it maybe?

The Arch packages still make a lot of references to MATE (which the old UKUI was based on), so I wouldn’t recommend it to the average user at this point just yet…

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Testing it right now. We’ll see :slight_smile:

A little better but ukui-control-center is crashing more than Windows Millenium.

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ArcoLinux installer works very well and provides a lot offset selectable customization and ease of use to get the required.paclages the user wants to install be ready right after install.

Saw a dutch review, Arco vs Endeavour , its good catorgarized. but on the otherside is also pretty much. :slight_smile: thats the power of linux w are not te same thats good :slight_smile:

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It is Calamares in net install mode. It works… But 10 pages or so to select any part of your OS ?

It is quicker to install by hand.