Pop shell + gnome vs pop os

Just curious if anyone who uses gnome uses pop shell? I ran pop os in a VM, sort of liked it, then wondered if endeavor os + gnome + pop shell would be just as good.

Obviously arch + aur benefits.

Probably been asked a million times but I’m just waking up… Anyway… Have a good day!

I have used it in the past… seemed to work fine. Not sure about how it goes with GNOME 4.4x yet

i use Gnome 40 +popshell on EndeavourOs + Arch it work well and zero problem so far ( x11 or wayland ) on x86 or arm . different hardware have different results ! Best way is try for yourself :wink: :+1:

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Is tilling working for you on Wayland?


wayland and Popshell good on ARM + x86. Zero problem on my hardware
( your might different ) best way is try :blush: