Poaching Our Name

Someone over at GNOME has decided to poach our name for his project, as of 2 moths ago.
This is the link to the site - https://gitlab.gnome.org/World/Endeavour

I think someone needs to tell this person they need to change their name again, as Endeavour is already in use.

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Don’t worry, Endeavour will be just a codename and everyone will call it Gnome Tasks​:grin:
Well, that is what I am expecting.


Endeavour is a word in the dictionary, personally I think it’s ok to name it like that.

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Endeavour will just be called/renamed EOS in future anyway, maybe…easier for (new) ppl to search online anyway. Try searchng endeavour and how many non-linux hits lol? Now I have to type endeavouros or endeavour+linux to get a good search topic hit online :wink:

That would enable telling people to not use the word food or toilet for any of their projects. I personally despise any copyright-issues when they belong to the domain of every-day human language, as much as I despise Nestlé holding the rights for drinking-water in Africa.


I wonder if it comes pre-loaded with a task that says “Install extensions”.