Plymouth endeavour OS bootsplash!

Here is a plymouth EndeavourOS splash screen I made for myself and the community! Enjoy :slight_smile:


If you guys want, I might make a pkgbuild and submit it to the AUR.


is plymouth working again with current kernels?
and how long you will see this on boot?
Modern systems without boot issues will show this very short.

but looking nice!


Now you’re going to have to tell us how to install it too. :grinning:


It seems to be working fine for me. I’m using Plymouth git on Kernel 5.8.7! On newer computers with SSDs, it won’t show long, but on older ones with HDDs, it will show for a good minute.

Already in the github! If you want to know how to install Plymouth, well the arch wiki has got you covered!

Very nice, installed and tested. Works nicely!

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I’d love to see this in the AUR! :enos_flag:

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indeed. it is no longer worth it