Pls tell me what these screenshot means

I just want to know a bit more about Plasma DE and Sddm login manager …

May i know what does this shows ? Is this Password manager ? Or is it Plasma DE ?
Is this normal for user who have Plasma DE to have this boot up login screen ? Or is it something I have changed ?

session : plasma - Reboot login screen screenshot

Are these plasma DE or login manager ?

Suspend login screen - Hex shape background login page

Hex space background login page 2

The first one is Oxygen Login Screen ( It’s default ) . You can change it in System settings > Startup and Shutdown > Login Screen . I use Breeze-Blue-Light .
You can install new Login Screens by clicking Get New Login Screens button in the bottom right corner .

The second one is Lock Screen . You don’t need to Login again when you wakes the machine from suspend . You can change the wallpaper in System Settings > Workspace Behavior > Screen Locking > Appearance .

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sddm is what you see on initial login.

When you lock the screen, that screen is part of plasma.

If you want them both to be the same, you can set sddm to breeze in system settings.


That’s talking about the theme. Technically it’s part of SDDM.

The lock screen is part of Plasma.

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Maybe a little bit of information :
When you boot up your system the booting process passes three stages.

  1. Plymouth, which allows some candy animations and hides the boot messages (themable)

  2. your display manger (SDDM if you’re using KDE). This one can also be customized

  3. your actual Desktopenvironment

Does anyone still use Plymouth? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Some distributions do. If EndeavourOS (Arch) don’t use it anymore I apologize for giving wrong information. I always used distributions which do use it. I didn’t have a closer look since using EndeavourOS.

Don’t most distros outside of Manjaro and Fedora use Plymouth?

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