Please Update Sources so Users have the Option to Build EOS With Best Results


February and March cancelled, April is not looking good either, no ETA’s. :exploding_head:

Life happens. Does it really matter if a new ISO is out or not?

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In the grand scheme of things …no it does not!

Also, how does this thread qualify as a Bug Report?

Exactly. The whole point of a rolling release is that regular ISO releases aren’t a necessity.

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It doesn’t. I think it’s referring to eos-tools is out of date.

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ah yes!

Is the subject of this post “New ISO”?

If you refer to the eos-tools folder at github, it is not even supposed to be used by anyone. It is an experiment only.

Sources are outdated, building ISO’s with partially outdated “tools” often leads to undesireable side-effects.

Last ISO isn’t cutting it, last time I had to rely on Manjaro to complete and repair an installation. Try not to tear a muscle reaching for conclusions next time. :robot:

When going through sources goes wrong! :cold_face:

It was an example.


If keeping source synced with changes is out of reach, so be it. Not interested in back-and-forth, till next post. :wave:

Really? Get over yourself.

Could you tell us what went wrong? I can imagine users will run into problems with the offline installer but if there’s a problem with the online instsller, we would like to know.

BTW @Computer could you please tone down your way of replying, I know you’re passionate about this project but let’s not give each other an uncomfortable feeling over here. :wink:


Which last ISO? Is he referring to and what are the problems? Where is the report on that?

If anyone needs machine time mine is available I am off work for a while. Just saying I will help anyway I can. :hugs:

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no pb, to make a new iso

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