Please revise the installer to add vmd to modules

Here is the log from @d3viant6 for the vmd test ISO in case you didn’t get it properly.

So ISO works for this device?

As far as i know he installed it and hopefully the log shows something if it’s the correct log.

There is this error:

11:44:00 [2]: void LoaderQueue::dataArrived()
    WARNING: unable to fetch netinstall package lists.
    ..  Netinstall reply error:  QNetworkReply::ContentNotFoundError
    ..  Request for url:  ""  failed with:  "Error transferring - server replied: Not Found"

So netinstall.yaml file was not found under

Should be in

yes a typo in the netinstall module… but no error as it will take the fallback from filesystem on ISO.
and fixed already:

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Otherwise the log looks OK.

interesting part is if system boots into installed system … :grinning:

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That’s what he said.

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Would be nice to get a boot log from installed EndeavourOS if you can share this:
journalctl -b -0 | eos-sendlog

Has there been a request made for the module to be included in the Arch kernel config? If not, that would be a more efficient solution, given people installing Arch with this hardware will be encountering the same issue.

Although, it would be useful if the request came from someone with the hardware so they can answer any questions that come up… :thinking:

Wonder if this could be added in initially via the zen kernel…

If you install with revised vmd included module and you install other kernels later does it require that the module has to be included in those kernels?

The module has to be loaded on boot, whether compiled in to the kernel or included in the initramfs.

This doesn’t seem like particularly obscure hardware so this might be something that should be included by default. I’ll poke around and see if this can be progressed/sponsored for inclusion.

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there is a request to add the vmd into mkinitcpio.conf per default, i linked to this before:

But i am not sure if github is the right place to do PRs to arch :wink:
And as you say the best way will be to have this enabled top load automatically into kernel itself.
Currently it is added like so:


I am not sure about the nvme_load=YES is needed as i can not find official documentation on that one at all.

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OK, so current Arch kernel policy is to keep things as modules wherever possible, so the next question is why certain modules are available during boot and others are not - I’m going to have a look through the mkinitcpio hooks and see what things they bring in automatically.

I think on some systems the NVME SSD will not be visible on boot without the parameter. Some use nvme or nvme_core also.

Edit: Seems to be certain controller and nvme is not seen.

It looks like this should be added to the block hook, e.g.

    # pata, sata, scsi, nvme
    for filter in 'scsi/.*ata' '/(block|scsi|fusion|nvme)/' 'ata/[ps]ata_' \
            'ata/(ahci|pdc_adma|ata_piix|ata_generic)'; do
        add_checked_modules "$filter"

detects modules for certain block hardware, but not vmd.

Ah, yes, that’s what the PR is doing.

So, who needs to be poked to get this implemented… :thinking:

Nice. Merged and will be released “soon”:

@jonathon called arch customer service help line ? :star_struck:


heya, when will this get released in public ISO? I see a couple folks in reddit with exact same issue

Short answer: when it is ready for releasing. :wink:

Slightly longer answer: I hope we can release it in the near future. There are lots happening with the next ISO right now, and things start looking rather good already.

i understand and appreciate the kind help I’ve recieved here. I installed on my mini PC (i7-th + vega) and it installs/runs beautifully, I’ve committed to understanding arch bit by bit and this is great distro for non expert like me