Please re-think your answer to a post before submitting

Since the launch of the net-installer, we’ve welcomed a lot of new faces and in case I didn’t welcome you before, hereby I am all welcoming you.

EndeavourOS has a diverse community, from coding veterans to users who are willing to give Arch a try for the first time and as you know, it is our mission to create a welcoming environment for everyone that belongs to that category.

When answering a post, re-think your answer before posting. Keep in mind that not everybody on the forum has English as their native language and some things might sound harsh or arrogant, whilst this was not intended by the original poster.
It is also a good practise turning the mirror to yourself, when answering a post.

As I said before, we are a community with diverse needs and visions, so if a user enthusiastically posts positively about his or her findings on Google-chrome and you are very privacy-conscious, there’s no need to stand on your soapbox and belittle the original poster. Just decide for yourself that that thread isn’t your cup of tea.

I’m not saying that you can’t have a discussion and that we have to agree with each other but there’s no use in creating a heated discussion in an innocent post. If you don’t agree you can either ignore the post or have a civil discussion about it. When you notice that a fellow member feels belittled by you, just shake hands and let the topic go.

EndeavourOS is an easy way to get into the blank canvas that’s called Arch-Linux and everyone can fill that canvas to their taste and needs, keep that in mind when you’re dealing with your fellow Endeavour enthusiast.

We all are Linux loving enthusiasts over here, let’s keep the love flowing… :wink:


The is an old adage in carpentry that one should always “Measure Twice, Cut Once” in order to avoid mistakes.

This also applies to Internet communications. Except, in this case, it might be “Read Twice, Post Once”.


As is, clearer … water! :slight_smile:


I have learned to use emojis to help clarify my meaning. For example

You’re being silly!


You’re being silly! :wink: :laughing:

Not applicable to all situations, but certainly helpful in some.


Yes, emojis really help a lot,
I invited him a :maté: :slight_smile:


:wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:


As stated from the beginning. There are no dumb questions and as far as I’m concerned there are no dumb answers or suggestions either. If someone disagrees with a response that’s fine but they don’t have to belittle a person or make out that they don’t know anything or that their response is nonsense. If they feel that the response is not the proper solution and they want to let the parties know then they should explain why in an appropriate manner that is respectful and allows others to learn. Not all of us here know everything. Everyday i learn how little i really know. But, i learn something new and that’s all that matters. :grin: