PlayOnLinux is not available in Repositories anymore?

Hello together,

since a few months I am successfully using EOS on a business machine in our company.

Unfortunately one of the last updates has caused PlayOnLinux to quit starting. I was thinking about some drunk bit that got lost in the deep spaces of the system, so I uninstalled PlayOnLinux and wanted to do some fresh reinstall. However, I tried to reinstall it via

sudo pacman -Syyu playonlinux

but now there always appears an error message that says “package is not available” or something like this. Any ideas how to solve this?

Is there a bug somewhere? I am very sorry for asking such a newbie question in this expert forum… :innocent:

playonlinux is available on AUR. Try this:

yay -S playonlinux
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PlayOnLinux is a mostly dead project.
Try Lutris instead, it still is in the repositories.