Playing with pyyaml - How do I.....?

I am bored, so am trying to get my head around yaml. When I import I get:

[{'plasma': [{'program': '/usr/bin/albert', 'params': '', 'runonce': 'T'}, {'program': '/usr/bin/firefox-nightly', 'params': '', 'runonce': 'T'}]}, {'gnome': [{'program': '/usr/bin/variety', 'params': 'This is a test!', 'runonce': 'T'}]}]

In a variable called read_data.

How the hell do I access the elements? Going around in circles :smiley:

What I have so far:

#!/usr/bin/env python
# Import YAML module

import yaml

# Load the YAML file

with open('config.yaml') as fh:

    # Load YAML data from the file

    read_data = yaml.load(fh, Loader=yaml.FullLoader)

    # Iterate the loop to read and print YAML data

    for i in range(0, len(read_data)):

        for key, value in read_data[i].items():

            print(key, ":", value)



The data:

# autostart config file

- plasma:

  - program: "/usr/bin/albert"
    params: ""
    runonce: "T"

  - program: "/usr/bin/firefox-nightly"
    params: ""
    runonce: "T"

- gnome:
  - program: "/usr/bin/variety"
    params: "This is a test!"
    runonce: "T"

Getting there:


Slowly :rofl:

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