Plasmoid for controlbar to 'containerize' other plasmoids for better size?

Hi there,

I’m currently playing around a bit with themes. I highly appreciate breeze as it’s very mature and free of visual errors. But as I use it for a longer time I from time to time feel the need for a refresh.

I just discovered Amy theme which looks nice and also has themeing for Konsole/GTK and I also found a VS Code theme that fits…

Long story short:

the icon scaling of plasmoids in the controlbar - next to my system tray - is different to breeze. This looks a bit ugly. Of course the icons of the plasmoids scale depending on height of the control bar, but where in Breeze the icons become bigger at more than 49px height they start to scale at 39 in Amy.

Question is: where in the theme can this behaviour be modified. File / Setting? Or even better: is there a plasmoid that behaves like the systemtray, where I can move other plasmoids to so they look better? Or can I even move Plasmoids to Systemtray???

See screenshot: above Amy, Breeze below. The Plasmoids for ToDo list and Translator are too big…