Plasmatube/kirigami pop out videos

I installed plasmatube towards the end of plasma 5 and it worked great. Sometime since then they changed behavior to always pop out the video into a new window with no controls, and won’t play for several minutes.

If I wait several minutes I can play the video from the original window (black player with controls), and then have to nagivate back to the video window that popped out.

If I try to change videos the plasmatube hangs for a few minutes before I have to go find the nav window and hit play again.

Any ideas on how to revert this behavior, so the videos don’t pop out?
and to enable autoplay within a playlist?

I’ve noticed the same weird behaviour regarding the pop-out MPV window. I don’t think it’s something us end-users can fix.

According to this thread some people may have reported it.