Plasmashell starts up broken

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I ended up installing EOS with XFCE, however, had some odd issue with not being able to bind closing a window to Super-Q (i like all my window-related shortcuts to use Super). So installed Plasma, which I’ve been using on many distros for years. And it starts up fine, but all I see is the EOS wallpaper and no panels or anything; however I know that plasmashell is starting from top. If I plasmashell --replace, it fixes this issue but why does this happen, and how can I fix it?



Dunno what I did, it automagically fixed itself :man_shrugging:

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Do you have a laptop with external screen connected, by any chance? I see a similar phenomenon on my system, and it “fixed itself” a couple of times but then reappeared.

Glad things resolved themselves for you.

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Hi there! Long-time XFCE user here. I installed a fresh version of this fine distro yesterday and thought, why not give KDE a shot? It is a very much nicer experience, then I anticipated, I have to say. But I experience the same problem here.

A small startup script should be a workaround, but does anyone have a proper resolution for this behaviour?

Welcome to the EndeavourOS forum. Thanks for giving EndeavourOS a try. I hope you enjoy your time here.

I am not into KDE so I can’t help, but there are quite a few members here who are quite adept with KDE.


So, I found this thread while starting to write a new post in the Plasma sub. Would it be possible for a mod (if @codic is okay with that) to move it there? Maybe we find some answers from KDE power users.

Meanwhile a bash script as a work around:

sleep 4
plasmashell --replace &

Just add it via the system settings @chalex20

I don’t have that problem on KDE but i don’t go changing a whole bunch of settings either so i haven’t run into it.

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