Plasmafox: still alive - but for how long?


some of you know already that I created a “fork” of Firefox with enhanced KDE/Plasma support.

It’s called Plasmafox, is directly related to AUR’s firefox-opensuse-kde and at the beginning, it was really just an experiment to see how far I could go as someone who cannot code and who has no real life relationship with anything IT.

Now, as it is basically a one-man project, I cannot guarantee any prolonged support time. If you decide to use it, you will be on your own. It’s not in any way an official or even semi-official browser, but up to now I’ve done my best to keep it in good shape.

On the technical side, there isn’t much difference to vanilla Firefox.
It does include KDE support created and supported by the great Wolfgang Rosenauer of OpenSUSE.
This means you will e.g. get KDE file dialogs for example when you save files or websites.
You will also get limited and pretty much untested “global menu” support.
And as a (very) little cherry on the cake, a few about:config tweaks for better privacy.

The biggest difference to firefox-kde-opensuse, which is in AUR and maintained by the great Thaodan, is that Plasmafox provides precompiled binaries for x86_64 systems. This is only legally possible by removing and replacing Firefox icons and trademarks, which means that Plasmafox comes with its own icons (courtesy of the great @SGS) and the Plasmafox name.
You can install it alongside your existing vanilla Firefox installation, as it will use its own config and profile.

For the moment being, there are only binaries for the ESR 78 version available. These are in the “ESR” branch.
You can however still have the latest 80.0.1 (at the time of writing) by using the “master” branch and compiling yourself.

Still interested?

Here’s the link:


My “biggest” need has always been the native KDE file save dialog. Ever since I managed to get this to work with Firefox my need for firefox-kde-opensuse / Plasmafox disappeared. Maybe it’s time has come?

Thanks for keeping it alive as long as you have @anon31687413


Thanks. It’s not dead yet :slight_smile: but sometimes it is a lot of work and I’m not quite sure whether it’s worth continuing it, because we have Thaodan’s version in AUR and he also provides binaries…


I am going to check out your work. I looked at the github info. I like the line:

“Some Mozilla services like Pocket, Telemetry, UI Tour and Sync disabled”

So I will check it out tomorrow. End of the day for me.

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