Plasma Wayland BUG

Since one week or so my “Anydesk” Remote Management SW shows only a greyish display after connection is established to another PC

So this app is unusable, reinstalling etc. does not help.

This must be a BUG in plasma in effecting some GTK/QT apps? Has anybody the same or likely experiences made?

I used AnyDesk and used it the other day with no issues. I’m using the good old X11.

Unfortunately I’m not sure how to help, but I am able to successfully connect to my parent’s computer through Anydesk using a Wayland session on Plasma DE, so there must be something else going on.

Please report the bug to the KDE team if you think it’s a plasma Wayland issue.

They do advertise that they feel Wayland is still beta on plasma, but they do need folks like you to fix bugs so they can move it to prime time still.

I found this in the help center from AnyDesk:

For Linux-based devices, only outgoing sessions are supported if using Wayland. Incoming sessions are only possible when using Xorg. Furthermore, only 64-bit versions of Linux are supported at this time.

I’m using Wayland, but my parents are still using an X11 session.

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cleared out all standard-prefs an restored only the sessions back

All is running fine again now!


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