Plasma theming

Maybe is a silly question but i have to ask. Is there any change that changing theme on plasma, is making my system heavier? I have the impresion tha the default breeze theme is more light than other that i have tried. Or its just my idea?

It depends what you mean by “theming change”.

If you are applying a different theme which changes images/colors/icons/etc than it isn’t likely that would be a material difference.

If you are applying a theme with tons of extra transparency and/or other effects then it is possible. Especially if you have a slower GPU.

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for example Layan solid theme with Kvantum

kvantum themes can tweak a lot of settings so it is theoretically possible.

That being said, I don’t think Layan Solid does a lot of that but that is just from memory so I could be wrong.

You could try experiment by changing the themes settings in kvantum, see what effects are turned on by default and see if turning them off make a difference

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