Plasma shows a lockscreen after sleep that doesn't belong to my user

I only have one user on my system but after it wakes from sleep, the lockscreen is a weird mix.

It shows my user name but there is no DE selector at the left corner and the options under the password field are only “Sleep” and “Switch User”.

This screen does not accept my user password and it doesn’t show a proper error or anything, it just stays there. When I click on “Switch User”, it goes back to the lockscreen for my actual user and everything looks normal there.

I don’t know if it’s directly related but this started happening after I accidentally moved the files inside ~/.config to somewhere else. I have since restored those files, overwriting everything. The rest of the system seems to be working fine and I have my previous configuration back, except perhaps for this issue.

Additionally, when I go to System Settings and click on Users, it takes a long while to load that menu. So it definitely feels like there’s something wrong with my user configuration but I’m not really sure what.

Appreciate all the help.

Edit: System Information:

  • EndeavourOS Linux X86_64
  • 5.16.10-arch1-1
  • Plasma 5.24.2 (X11)
    All packages up to date.

I suspect the real mix is that you are probably mixing SDDM with Plasma Lockscreen, which is not the same. What you describe sounds like Plasma Lockscreen. Selecting “Switch User” sends you to SDDM.


Indeed you are right. After all, it seems to be a normal case. What I had was probably a weird, temporary issue with waking up from sleep where I wasn’t able to unlock properly.

Welp, looks like my first forum adventure here is a bust! :slight_smile: Thanks for the reply though.