Plasma Plugin Download Location

I installed a Plasma Plugin to make the wallpaper blurry when there is an active window.

Instructions for the Plugin was to run the following CLI;

[mdoverl@mdoverl-tp501uam ~]$ kpackagetool5 -t Plasma/Wallpaper -i ~/Downloads/
Error: Installation of /home/mdoverl/Downloads/ failed: No such file: /home/mdoverl/Downloads/

Sadly the Package is not located in the download folder.

Any clues on where the package downloaded to?

If you downloaded a zip file, it should be wherever your browser normally downloads a file to (usually the Downloads folder).

Maybe try the download again?

EDIT - Oh, I see that you used KDE-s built-in “get hot new stuff” function - that won’t download a zip file to your folder, but will install the package directly.

If that’s not working, you will want to download the zip file from the KDE store and install it manually (as the above posted instructions indicate).


I clicked install in the “Get Hot New Stuff - Plasma” Window

So maybe there is no ZIP

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Yeah, sorry, see my edit above.

Also, note that you may have to close and reopen your System Settings in order to load the new plugin.



[mdoverl@mdoverl-tp501uam ~]$ kpackagetool5 -t Plasma/Wallpaper -i ~/Downloads/
Error: Installation of /home/mdoverl/Downloads/ failed: /home/mdoverl/.local/share/plasma/wallpapers/com.github.zren.inactiveblur already exists

Already Exist, this is fun.

Have you closed and reopened System Settings?


I just rebooted. Mainly because I just did system updates earlier and it recommended that I reboot.

Well, turns out you have to select inactive blur in the Wallpaper Type Drop-down. It works. I was hoping it worked with any of the slideshows. But I’ll take it.

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My guess is that is was working right off the get go. I just assumed it would apply to any Wallpaper Type you could select.

EDIT: I guess nothing gets mark as a solution?

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I’d say that this was the solution: