Plasma launching alongside i3


I just installed EndeavourOS and I chose to install with both plasma and i3.
When I launch plasma it works just fine, but when I launch i3 it launches both i3 and plasma.
I had trouble finding any solutions, so I was wondering if anyone has experienced similar issues? Or maybe someone knows why this is happening?


if you have a full DE installed aside to i3 you need to disable dex what autolaunches desktop autostarting apps… nano ~/.config/i3/config and comment out the line for the dex starter.

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Ah, that worked. Thank you! And thanks for the quick reply!


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Welcome, glad to have you with us! Will be interested to hear your opinions on i3 ve Plasma :slight_smile:


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I just loaded i3 also on KDE and changed the config file. I wanted to ask when you log out or in does firefox automatically launch? Also it goes directly to the i3 Github page even though i have google set in KDE as the home? Is there a config in i3 to set that?

I actually installed both plasma and i3 when I installed the os, so I can choose between kde (with its own wm) and i3 when I login. I haven’t had any issue with firefox launching on its own though, so I don’t think I can help much with that.

Since it goes directly to the i3 github page instead of your home page, maybe it isn’t a problem of firefox itself autostarting but i3 trying to open the i3 github page, and since firefox is your default browser, it opens in firefox? Just an idea, don’t know how to fix it though, sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t used i3 that much, and today was actually my first time trying kde. But, I like both, but for different purposes :slight_smile:. The reason I have kde and not only i3 is because I wanted a more “normal” DE for more casual use, and based on first impression kde seems quite nice. In i3 though I really like controlling everything using the keyboard, feels more efficient, and the automatic tiling is very nice too.

As I said, not much experience either kde or i3 yet (or endeavourOS either for that matter) but my first impression has been nothing but positive :slight_smile:

Also happy to see how friendly the forum seems to be!


i do add this hint into config and on the README at github