Plasma-intergration problem with Qt6?

I had this issue, bug or whatever open here. Apparently it is distro specific ( I checked ).

I am not sure but, can I get some info on the packaging for plasma-integration?
Could this be due to plasma-integration being from the extra repo and other kde packages being from the kde-unstable repo?

Yes, you are still using the qt5 version of plasma-integration.

These kinds of issues should be expected when testing from kde-unstable.

Will a plasma-integration package be added to plasma-unstable soon?
If not, can you give me the link to the Qt6 version of it?

It already is in kde-unstable

You mentioned that it is not the Qt6 version though. I am aware of its availability in kde-unstable.
Where can I find the Qt6 version?

I don’t know if the version in unstable is qt6 or not.

You mentioned you were using the version from the extra repo. That version is qt5.

I went ahead and built the Qt6 version from here.
The problem is still there. Do you think it still is a problem with this package?