Plasma freezing on splashscreen after logging in

Pretty much as the title states.

I can ctrl+alt+f2 to get to the terminal.

I can log into xfce fine as well.

Any ideas how I can debug this?

Are you using a non-standard kwin? kwinft or low latency?

do in Xfce alt-f2 , kwin_x11 --replace , if its freeze then is highly kwin. so not could be a service. you try set baloo of if that isnt the case…

I was using kwin low latency, and kwin crashed leading to me rebooting and the problem started.

I did try replacing kwin low latency with standard kwin but that didn’t fix it.

nothing happens when I try kwin_x11 --replace from application finder.

when I try from the terminal I get:

[duncanm@arch ~]$ kwin_x11 --replace
kwin_x11: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZN14KWaylandServer18TextInputInterface6commitERK10QByteArray
[duncanm@arch ~]$ 

if you install openbox and start kde with openbox session; probably stil freezing…? mayby is something in autostart that crashes…

I actually went back to a backup in the end as this didn’t look like it would be an easy fix.

ah wel just narrow the issue i would say… with openbox there is a session to start, so you can say is not WM issue, mayby something that starts up… i you can try even disable the splash screen , or it has to do with the theme…

after upgrading to the latest plasma I have a very long lag on the first login after that, it could be simple also some settings changed. I would take a look at the journal also.

I’d been running 5.20 via unstable, had then upgraded to 5.20 stable already before this happened.

XFCE flickers horrifically even if I set it to 120MHz so as I had some work to do getting a functioning desktop was pretty urgent, hence going to the backup.

This all sounds like a partial upgrade:

kwin_x11: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZN14KWaylandServer18TextInputInterface6commitERK10QByteArray

Says that library is the wrong version, because it cannot find that symbol.

Mines not freezing but when i log in and it goes to the desktop screen it flashes a small screen of the same background and a black bar under it at the bottom left near the menu. Happens on every new start & log in but not if i log out and back in.

this not like partial its kwin zelf

[> ringo@Godofhighschool ~]$ pkgfile /usr/lib/

[ringo@Godofhighschool ~]$

Yes,but the op was running low latency, this probably caused the wrong library to be installed

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