Plasma does not start

after the update yesterday i can log in to plasma via sddm but the interface does not start. i cannot right click with the mouse on the blank screen and the panel does not start. The empty space above should be the panel.
The programs i have started with krunner. That works
After entry

kstart5 plasmashell

i have this output

Omitting both --window and --windowclass arguments is not recommended

this is what it looks like.

I dont know whats happened really need help

I had installed from the AUR window-tiled-menu and tried after the update yesterday. so it has nothing to do with update. i have window-tiled-menu, also looks kind of funny, uninstalled again and voila, everything works again.

window-tiled-menu is flagged-out-of-date


always remember: the problem is usually between the back of the chair and the screen :laughing:


This is exactly what i have been saying all along about Kde Plasma. You start changing things and it goes screwy. So it’s not a problem now you know. That doesn’t work so you probably won’t use it.


i was looking for an alternative to the plasma launcher. unfortunately i forgot to deactivate the tiled launcher after testing it. the next morning i realized it wasn’t working and remembered not to deactivate it. so all in all it was my fault.

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