Plasma does not respond

Yesterday some plasma packages were updated along with the kernel.

Today after reboot plasma fails to load, I am met with a working moving mouse ( left click, and right click don’t work), the system asks me to mount a harddrive (wich it normally does) but the panel doesn’t appear. After reboot through tty2 and switching between kernels, the lts one shows nothing, and the latest, shows a shadow border where the panel should be without any response, other than a moving mouse.

Are you using Wayland? have you tried switching to x11
or vice versa?

It would be great if you can give us hardware and boot logs:

I’m using x11, It is a one month install of edeavouros KDE. I’m a beginner on arch so installing wayland and switching seems a little difficult now.

These are the logs.
Hardware information
Boot log

i would bet it is something with settings… and this is not general known BUG as only one report.

You could try adding a user to check this:
sudo useradd -m -G wheel -s /bin/bash testuser
sudo passwd testuser
and try login with this one
restart sddm (loginmanager)
sudo systemctl restart sddm
and login as testuser…

Since the problem appeared I made a clean install and managed to reproduce the bug, my assumption is that an appearance customization was the problem. I like to work without the title bar in open applications and removed them in the used theme on the window decorations section of preferences. I created a specific window substitution rule that follows a regex expression.
Apart from this there were no weird install or modifications of the base install of plasma.


thank`s for the info i will try reproducing in the next days when I find the time!