Plasma Desktop Icons, Trash Can ect

I used my level 1 google-fu and came up with this :smile:

Adding Desktop Icons to Plasma

The other newest link was from reddit, so i searched the Endeavour forums and found nothing. This is my very 1st time using Plasma, so far so good. I just like desktop icons lol. :smile:

This install of Plasma was done with the September EndeavourOS release, worked flawlessly.

So the above link would be the correct way to do it, or is there an easier way?

If you want to add your Trash Can to your Desktop, just open Dolphin and drag the the Trash Can label on the left side to the desktop.

Also, you can add symlinks to your ~/Desktop directory, as well as .desktop files.

By default, desktop icons should be enabled on EndeavourOS Plasma.




On a fresh install they where not there :thinking:

Trash can now on my desktop thanks!

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Glad you got it working. Enjoy canning your trash! :slight_smile:

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the simplest solution: right click on the dashboard + add graphic components and you’re done!


Thanks! Is there a way to make my icons in my system tray a little larger? :thinking: :smile:

This thread has been solved closing :hugs: