Plasma - browse timeshift snapshots?

I know I have to do something, but cannot remember what…

Any ideas, gratefully accepted (my brains are dribbling out of my ears).

You want to browse timeshift snapshots you have taken right? Why don’t you just open timeshift the app and look at them? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Because it doesn’t work on Plasma because Dolphin cannot run as root. There is a way to do it, with another file manger (I use pcmanfm), but had a busy day and cannot remember.

Found it!!!

sudo cat /root/.config/mimeapps.list
[Default Applications]

Created and working.

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Wasn’t there a plug-in for Dolphin to give it admin rights?

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Yes, but timeshift uses xdg to open doplhin as root and dolphin will not open as root, it is a real pain.

But all good, my internet foo had deserted me :rofl:

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Oh sorry! I thought you just mean to look at them!
There’s also this thing in the AUR


Not sure if it works but it exists

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Doesn’t work see post above.

Use Thunar :man_shrugging: . The snapshots are located inside /timeshift/snapshots directory . You can view them as normal user . Some files may not be viewable . Then use pkexec thunar /timeshift/snapshots command .
Edit : You may need to do some research before using that command

Isn’t it the right command ? @Kresimir @jonathon

I never use thunar in my life, so I don’t know whether that’s right…

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My snapshots are in /run/timeshift but it is easier to launch the file manager from the program, it just doesn’t get on with Dolphin.