[Plasma] Active menu items are suddenly underlined instead of inverted?


See the “Create New” item. Is it just me? What happened?

What do you mean inverted? I’m trying to see the difference.

Edit: Is this in Dolphin?

Yes, this is Dolphin, but it happens in every Qt app. Inverted in the sense of: the background shows a theme color and depending on contrast the text inverts from black to white (or vice versa):


I was trying to get a screenshot of it but can’t figure out how so i used screen recorder first. Not sure this is the same?


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Yours looks fine. I don’t know. I installed EOS from the fresh iso into a VM, and everything is OK. But my physical setup is suddenly borked somehow.

Okay …i wasn’t sure. Hope you can fix it.

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Aaaand I found it. For future reference:

I must have accidentally checked that box somehow.