Plasma 6 Wayland Issues

Is this just after logging in and out? Try creating the new user and see if the issue still persists. All those issues are non existent on my system so it seems like it would be some config file screwing up something.

You can solve this by opening system settings → window management → virtual desktops → navigation wraps around. Click that checkbox and then next and previous desktop will loop back around the way that you want it to. I just tested it myself.


Tried a new user. Seems like you are right, there are no any shortcuts of walking though desktops anymore. But I guess update broke some things. Bug related to names appeared on new user (two Kwins), and seems like other names also not as they where on my first user.

Thank you all for figuring it out. I will reinstall whole system later, because who knows what problems may still occur.


Ohhhh! That really helpful, I didn’t know about it. Thank you again.

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I wonder if you still have the deprecated khotkeys installed? If you are going to reinstall, make sure to check if new iso’s have been made to facilitate plasma 6.