Plasma 6 update

Nate Graham has posted an update on the 2023 Plasma sprint outlining some of the changes that will be coming in Plasma 6.


I found this entry very interesting in the blog.

City of Treuchtlingen’s use of KDE software

We found out that the nearby German city of Treuchtlingen has been using KDE software for over 20 years for their government IT purposes. Two representatives came out to the Tuxedo HQ to give us a presentation and we all talked about how to continue this going forward not only for us, but potentially for a lot of other German governments. The possibilities here are quite exciting.

20 Years ! Wow!

This reminds me of when Munich flip flopped back from linux to Microsoft Windows and then back to open source linux. They had been on linux for years but newly elected officials decided to go back to Microsoft. That’s was rectified by other newly elected officials. This was 2017 and then they switched back to opensource software in 2020.


Might be a dumb question, but is there a way to test this out or is way too early for that?

Keep an eye out for KDE-unstable repo. When Plasma 6 is complete and built on Arch, it will probably appear there first.


I’m sure before the release of 6.0 there will be a beta. The best place to check from time to time Reddit.


You could always try KDE Neon’s Testing or Unstable editions to take a peek at the latest prelease KDE software.


Stable KDE 1 was released in 1999 which means that government jumped ship really early.


Neon Unstable is now using Qt 6 Builds of Frameworks and Plasma:

As the announcement says, “This is very early stage development. Almost everything is super broken from a user perspective”, so be warned!


Oh, I was just thinking of messing around with it in a VM. :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for the heads up!

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They will still break install but now is the time to give it a try.

At least they are quite frank about it. :joy:

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I am pretty sure not on @ricklinux 's computer, everything works on kde, no bugs to squish :wink:


:joy: :wink: