Plasma 5.23 is in the Arch repos

See here and associated dependencies. No longer just in Testing, but for everyone.

Also there is an AMA taking place at KDE Reddit:


Yup, i was really waiting for the accent color feature


I got it today as an update. Very fancy :wink:


Lots of plasma Kde updates! Rolling! :wink:


I use Gnome, btw.

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Plasma finally got wayland!?

Gnome troll here but I also like kde.

This link does it better justice, with all the confetti and all that :wink:

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There’s no trolls here only Gnomes! :rofl:



More seriously, the Blue Ocean update to Breeze is a real improvement.

Matching folder colours are on their way :slight_smile:

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Yes, also I remember that should be there a way to choose a custom color for accents, but I don’t see it. :thinking:

Update, logout to refresh plasma, go to colours and boom

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I waited on the day of release but when the update still wasn’t in stable I decided to just enable testing, update and then disable testing. I couldn’t wait anymore.

Also since I was on the plasma beta and wanted to get the newest of the new. It’s a amazing update indeed. KDE makes using my computer fun again. So many options to tweak and visually it ticks all the right boxes for me.

Together with a manual tiling script, I can adjust my layouts manually together with sexy gapps.

The only downside, on Wayland side, is that multi-monitor setup is still pretty broken for me.

It’s still a struggle to keep my session alive overnight. You see, when there are no monitors online, the session crashes. I believe with 5.24 there will be a fix for that, but that still leaves the annoying issue that connecting and disconnecting monitors (in my case my TV that goes on and off many times during the day) messes up window layouts or crashes the session.

On X11 I just disabled kScreen background service and problem solved.

But on Wayland, for example overnight when I go to bed, I have to enable the full screen terminal so that kwin is disabled. Even even that sometimes doesn’t work and I see a black screen and no prompt the next morning when I turn the monitor on.

The TV issue I have fixed by a HDMI emulator that makes my PC think the TV is always on.

If they fix the multi-monitor issues, they have achieved perfection!

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I got it too. But in my special case it sucks. I have no taskbar anymore, switching windows (=activity) and i don’t know how to go back to 5.22.x.

Downgrading plasma isn’t sustainable.

It sounds like your config was corrupted. If by taskbar you mean panel, have you tried re-adding the panel?

Is KDE a great DE to move over to? i plan to reinstall and use KDE from gnome.

It is purely a matter of personal preference. Why try it and see if you like it.


Welcome to the forum!

As dalto said it’s personal preference. In my experience KDE offers more customization but can also require more work to get it the way you want whereas Gnome is a bit more hands off.

I like the option to choose accent/highlight (whatever) colours, although I could do that on my old MacBook with OS-X back in 2006! The rest of the new stuff seems to mainly mention looks and themes etc. My Plasma setup is so heavily customized that these things have little interest for me. If things have improved “under the hood” regarding speed etc, then that is welcome and more relevant. I care about substance not bling :laughing:

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It also depends a little on how far you want to deal with the system. Yes, KDE is a system, not just an interface;)

Edit says WELCOME!

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