Plans for christmas?

Oh yea gonna change my wallpaper , listen to christmas songs , go out to malls to see the christmas themes and stuff , probably gonna work on hyprland idk , lets see what are yours.

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Going to have family over, eat and drink beers. Did I say drink beers?


I’m going to get drunk.

So, same as any other day, really.



We all go to my Mum’s, she’s 81 and since my Dad passed we’ve tried to make every Christmas just right for her.
Scrambled eggs and coffees in the morning, then Bucks Fizz (Champagne and orange juice). Maybe a sherry or two as well, hehehehe.
Then we all start the cooking, but mostly get told to stay out of the kitchen by Mum, she still sees that as her “department”.
Tradition dinner with all the trimmings, wine, beer etc.
Then afterwards, present giving and opening and stuff like that whilst stealthily working our way through what ever alcoholic beverages are in the house. By early evening it gets quieter as people doze in their chairs, but pretend to be awake watching some awful schmaltzy Christmas film.
This is often interspersed with a loud fart or three, which gets blamed on the dog. There is no dog. :grimacing:


Will be reflecting on life’s most challenging incident. :leafy_green:



Going around the family and say hello :wink: :wave:



I don’t have any kids, but I do like getting presents for other people’s children. Oh, how I love the look on their little faces!



I hope you do not get coal in the present

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If I could heat my house with it, it’s a good present. :thinking:


I thought the same :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: but it is not a good sign for a present right?

:grin: It’s all good.

:christmas_tree: ow



Probably some leftovers and a walk on the beach. Kinda like every other day, actually.

I am staying home and re-spinning my Ezarcher ISOs. :custard: :pie:

Somebody infected me with Coviv-19 (first time for me) by negligence, not malice, so my christmas will be spent alone at home, not with my family :face_vomiting:

Very sorry to hear that. :worried: I hope your symptoms won’t be too strong …
I could say I finished this weak my 3rd infection since spring 2020. My lungs coughing for 6-7 weeks and the first 7-10 days were not fun.
Hang in there. Natural immunity can make miracles :tea:
Take great care,
Keep us on the line :slightly_smiling_face:

I already bought everyone everything. I don’t have much plans other than making a cookie cake and opening presents.

rare but take care try to eat fruits as much as possible you’ll be cured

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Well, I got up this morning (senioritis at 2:45 am) and logged in, tried to update, and there were NO package to be updated (and it’s been a good 20 hours since I last updated), I’m sure the end of the world is coming!
Somewhat like [MarkMcCoskey] above, it’s going to pretty much a normal day. I might take a walk but it’s suppossed to be raining all day, so I’ll probably eat leftovers (turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie,etc) and play BaldursGate III on and off.


One thing about getting older - there are more traditions to follow as possible than would otherwise be the case!

So - “A Child’s Christmas in Wales” will feature - either the LP (that’s a vinyl 12 inch record) or the ‘movie’ that’s now findable. Also, a performance from the King’s College Xmas service (LP again, or CD, or). Maybe also an LP from WAAAY back where I was a soprano soloist on “The Holly and the Ivy” - both the soprano and the right notes have eluded me for decades now!

So - some shortbread cookies, some mince tarts etc - and maybe some Xmas themed computing. Have a great day of whatever suits you!