PKGBUILD Management

Recently, I was introduced to the world of the ABS and PKGBUILDs when I customized my nnn installation earlier today. How do you all manage your modified PKGBUILDs? Can you put them in a git repo like how a lot of people do with their dotfiles? Are there any “best practices” that I should be aware of?

Yes, that’s probably “best practice.” You might want to have a look at as a useful tool (but it’s not necessary, even if you’re pushing to the AUR too).

How exactly would I go about putting customized PKGBUILDs in a git repo? And would I still be able to update them with asp or something similar? I’m also confused as to how I would use aurpublish to accomplish this.

For example:

git clone ssh://
# make changes
git add .
git commit
git remote add customised-repo ssh://
git push customised-repo master

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