PiVPN, Wireguard and Endeavour -- I'm at my ropes end. Help!

Hi there,

I really don’t know what is going on, but I simply can’t get my EndeavourOS client to properly connect to my Wireguard through PiVPN. I have absolutely no problems with the connection on my cell phone from the same external network to the very same VPN endpoint.

I followed the steps outlined in this document, started the connect and it works, but I have no internet. It’s even more weird when running pings into different IPs. I get correct ping returns from, and, but everything else fails. E.g. (the location of the PiVPN) returns “Destination Host Unreachable”. My HTPC sitting on the same network as well. And a ping to www.google.com comes back with “Temporary failure in name resolution”.

What is going on?!?!

What’s different in their configuration?

That’s the confusing part: Aside from keys and the corresponding address, they are exactly alike. I would expect the same type of connection as on the phone.

That’s why I’m posting here, it seems to be something on client peer…

I am having this exact issue on every install of endeavorOS I’ve done, both on my PC and Laptop. I try off and on to fix it from time to time, did you every find a solution to this issue?