Pipewire freezes (?) after changing devices

Hi All,

A couple of days ago, the sound on my notebook started to go on my nerves. To be more exact, when I plug in my headset (jack), anything that has to do with sound does not start. Only a reboot solves the issue. This should not be a hardware issue as when I restored a month-old backup, everything worked correctly but when I updated the system to be up-to-date again, the issue came back.

For a start, I uploaded some logs and info that may be useful for the troubleshooting. Please find them at the link below:


Thank you for any hints you could provide how I should proceed with sorting this out.

Edit: To make it even more strange (at least for me), when I plug / unplug a USB headset, the sound service works as expected AND after that plugging / unplugging my jack headset works either with no freezes. :crazy_face:

Installing wireplumber seems to have resolved the case. Switching devices works as expected.


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