Pipewire and jack

I have jack working with pulse audio and able to select different channels on my komplete audio 6. I’m trying pipewire and removed pulse audio. I’m having issues getting jack to with pipewire.

Jack shows outputs of applications instead of the sound device. For example, it shows Fireout with outputs and I can link them to komplete audio 6 playsback but the moment the page refresh or changes then everything resets to use headphones only. With pulseaudio I was able to select the outputs for komplete audio and link them to the correct speakers. How can I setup jack and pipewire properly?

https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/PipeWire#JACK_clients ?

I’ll review that but here’s a screenshot



It shows applications instead of the actual device. Everytime firefox reloads a youtube page the pairing switches. See cmus has the correct pairing

I don’t think it’s ready for serious stuff yet.

Also, note that pipewire-jack latency is way worse than jack, at least for now (but i wouldn’t expect that to change a lot).

Since 0.3.24, latency can be made comparable to JACK on USB devices as well. The measurements listed here are older ones. Stay tuned for updated latency numbers.


Can’t wait.

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