Pinta repository version shows weird rectangles but the Flatpak version does not

The version from the official (extra) repository shows these weird small rectangles when I draw with the PaintBrush tool.

But when doing the same thing with the Flatpak version, there are no such artefacts. Their versions seem to be the same, and every feature looks the same, except that the Flatpak version is in light theme, despite the fact the OS’s theme is dark.

Why is this happening?

When did you last update the one from the repos? I seen it just had an update about 45 minutes ago

As for theming I found this on the Arch wiki

Flatpak applications not picking up the default system theme

There is no ideal way to apply system themes in flatpak apps as mentioned in the flatpak documentation [2] [3]. The easiest solution is using themes that are available in Flathub. However there is a workaround which can be used to apply themes to your flatpak apps. stylepak-gitAUR automates this workaround.

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I just updated it, but this problem existed before the update, too.