Pihole install

hellow fellow users, i am kinda at the end of my rope so excuse me for the occasionaly brasher wording.
i have tried to install pihole for several freaking hours in the span of two days.
i have run into numerous problems on several different distros, mint, xubuntu, lubuntu and lastly the actually officially supported ubuntu.
now, i am back to the one and only endeavouros and i hope someone here would be kind enough to provide a simple installation guide for endeavouros.
thanks in advance.

First, Pihole will be installed on real hardware, or virtualized/containerized?

Not a big difference, but still.

i have a tiny pc box that would be used solely used for internet and said pihole, so yeah, it would be installed onto real hardware.

Well, if it isn’t a Raspberry PI, choose a distro as Ubuntu Mate, let’s say.
From the Pihole page, use their install script and should function properly.

as i have said, i used the officially supported ubuntu in the end, and it didnt work as i had the exact same problems i had with the other distros.
i had a lto of problems and one of the ones i couldnt get past was the dnsmasq port 53 problem, even after disabling the specific systemd service, so i gave up entirely after hours and this.
which is why i am now here to seek help.