Picking Hardware

Thinking about putting together an all-purpose desktop/server for home use. Will be the remote end of rsync for BackInTime running on my other machines, will also be a Plex server and will be used as a day-to-day desktop for some code development … and lastly, will maybe see some light use for low end gaming. …

I am thinking of pulling the trigger on the following components:
Ryzen 7 5700G
Asus X570-Pro TUF Gaming WiFi
G.Skill Ripjaws DDR4-3600 CL16 (4x16GB)

I have a top notch case, very good power supply, adequate nVMe and SSD drives and about 6 3TB WD RED NAS drives.

Planning to build this with EOS (yes, rolling arch despite the ‘server’ uses I am targeting).

Any thoughts from anyone with any of the components above? Mostly I am just thinking about any driver issues for the MB?

Thanks in advance for anyones feedback :slight_smile:

One thing to be aware in case you weren’t is that socket AM4 support is ending with the current generation so you won’t be able to upgrade that CPU in the future without replacing the motherboard and the RAM as well.


… so it’s a bad time to upgrade to an AMD system? … my budget won’t support going to a Threadripper … guess I should look into Intel, but then I’d need to find a GPU as well. Hmmm … too much to think about here. :slight_smile:

well, that depends on how you see it, Intel usually gets two gens per socket, then you would need to replace the motherboard.
Intel hybrid CPU is kind of new, you would be an early adopter, and DDR5 prices are insane right now.
I see like this, AMD is mature, compare this GEN3 with first ryzen launch which was buggy as hell…
If you want a fast CPU, not power hungry, mature and with a “normal” price, I would go AMD


It depends what your upgrade strategy looks like. If you keep a machine for a long time between upgrades then it shouldn’t matter much. On the other hand, if you are the type to want to pop a new CPU in every generation then it should definitely concern you. It wasn’t meant to be a don’t do this kind of message more of an FYI.

The new 12th gen intel CPUs are pretty nice and get much more future proofing. DDR5, PCIE 5, more m.2 gen4 slots, etc. However, even though the new CPUs are priced competitively, the new motherboards and DDR5 are not cheap right now.


AM5 is planned to be released only in the end of 2022, right ?

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I tend to run stuff for a good while … this build will replace two existing ‘servers’ one running an AMD Phenom II X4 965 and the other a is an ASUS C60M1-I AMD Fusion APU C-60 APU/MB combo. I might go ahead and pull the trigger on this setup, but I do appreciate @dalto pointing out the AM4 consideration.

Yes, sometime during 22 is the expectation.


Exactly, there is an option to get DDR4 motherboards, maybe that is something @MrToddarama could think about it

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Even if AM4 support is ending i think that’s going to be a little while and the system should last a long time. The 5700G price point is good considering you don’t need to purchase any graphics card. Latest processors are always going to be the most expensive also. Intels an option.

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If you transcode videos you could also benefit from the Intel iGPU encoder (QSV), which afaik is officially supported by Plex. Not sure if AMD is supported yet.

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Great point. I’ll need to think on that a bit…

The i5-12600K is the one that I would go for, it seems to be the king regarding price/performance/efficiency/temperatures for this 12th Intel gen CPUs. It smashes the 5600x.

I would get one of those with a DDR4 motherboard as DDR5 now are too expensive. Also the timings for this RAM seems to high right now, maybe within 2 or 3 years we are going to see better timings and much cheaper DDR5 kits.
I still didn’t understand this PCI 5.0 thing, for me it seems to be more marketing than anything else…

Also I’m not sure how Plex would work with those E-cores, maybe they would watch a movie with you instead of transconde :slight_smile: Plex team may be optimizing Plex server for it soon.

Edit: For games, no diff between this CPUs.

Sounds like Intel is trying to use a marketing gimmick as usual. (6P+4E) Cores
6 performance cores and 4 efficient cores? Ya sure! 150Watt turbo boost?

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Yeah, it’s power hungry, however the performance is there, so based on that, it is using the power and getting more performance proportionally…

Prices will almost certainly drop but the timing shift is normal. Latency increases as bandwidth increases.

It is much more bandwidth. It isn’t just marketing but we have to wait for devices which actually can utilize it.

This is the architecture that most CPUs are moving towards. ARM has been doing something similar.

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Why not 10 core performance! :laughing:

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It’s very nice to see Intel reacting to Ryzen like they did with this 12th gen…
AMD really pushed Intel engineers to the limit in the past years, consumers are all winners here

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I agree, 100% This type of competition is great for consumers. The fact that Intel is jumping slightly ahead with this release means it is likely AMD will do the same with their next generation and competition at all levels fuels innovation and price competition.

Although I am sure it wasn’t their goal, AMD has done a great job forcing Intel out of complacency.


I spotted the warning about the AM4 socket - but I am not sure it has much relevance. I think it has been 3 different Intel sockets over the lifespan of the AM4…

With the advent of enough new tech coming down the pipeline, you’ll be wanting a different MB too, for support for new PCI generations and other things like new USB and memory standards anyway - so ignore it for now!

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