Petite suggestion (bug fix?) for recent .config file

Just downloaded i3 wm and using the recent .config/i3/config from github file. As a i3wm newbie few comment.

  1. got a small error message because of

line 25 gap inner 2
Line 26 gap outer 0

Commenting it out solved the issue for me.

What are these used for, option to have gaps between windows to see bit the desktop background?

  1. it may make sense to have the network manager icon available in the bar by default. Suggestion to add:

exec —no-startup-id nm-aplet

to me seeing the full ssd name on the bottom bar is less attractive and clutters the space. I comment the #[net] #label=SSID: etc part in the i3blocks.conf to remove it.

  1. probably useful too to uncomment the exec blueberry-tray to see bluetooth too.

Thanks for the eos tweaked version and efforts, I really like that wm!

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The right keyword is gaps not gap.
Thats a tiny typo. Uncomment the lines, and change “gap” to “gaps”. Your config will work…

Outer gaps are the distance of windows from monitor edges. Inner gaps are the empty distance around all windows. At the edges, total gaps is inner+outer. I set my outer gaps to 0, and inner to 4px. Of course, personal preference. Set it to anything that suits you.
Gaps shows a bit of the background. It also lets you see the window borders and easily identify which is the active window. (with zero gaps, just open a bunch of terminal windows and try figuring out which is active currently). The way I like it is to set a small gaps just enough for the window border to be visible. (4px gaps, and 1px border). Again, set the values to whatever suits you.

Also, I referred this link

Here, its written “gaps” not “gap” so I would doubt how you had the word “gap” in your config.

Also, in the “fresh-nov-2020” branch, “gaps” isn’t even mentioned. (if “Find in Page” is working right for me)

A tiny suggestion (if you need it): Add the following to your i3 config to have gaps when multiple windows are open and no gaps if only one window is open
smart_gaps on

That is actually not the issue. I reported this this morning. There was an error in the script that called for i3. The new default is i3-gaps it also works as intended without commenting out those lines. They are in the config becuase of the change.

This is what i have in my i3 .conig…

# Set inner/outer gaps
gaps inner 2
gaps outer 0

Hmm… This explains it.

I made the assumption that they were using i3gaps. Gaps functionality is not there in i3-wm but its there in i3-gaps.

Thanks for the tips on 1)!

Strange, I installed i3 wm (on top of my cinnamon install) using the following part from the EOS wiki:

git clone
cd i3-EndeavourOS
cp -R .config/* ~/.config/
chmod -R +x ~/.config/i3/scripts (make scripts executable)
cp .Xresources ~/ (needed colorcheme for menu)
sudo pacman -S --needed - < packages-repository.txt

Yesterday I pulled from github (to be on the same page), not another branch. Just saw you are right, I actually have “gaps” and not “gap” in the config file, was asleep this morning, typo… tried to run it again but get the error in i3 config file red bar.

@Elloquin is right, when I do

sudo pacman -S i3-gaps it looks like it is not installed by default (if I understand this), and get the message

i3-gaps and i3-wm are in conflict. Remove i3-wm? [y/N]

Do I assume correctly that I should install i3-gaps and select N above?

If you want the gaps functionality, select y

Selecting N will stop the install.


thanks! really need a coffee…


I am working on EndeavourOS i3 on top of a LXQt base and that is when i noticed it. :sweat_smile:

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should I mark this thread as solved? 1) was answered the rest are just suggestions…

It is your thread if you feel it is resolved and the solution provided by all means. :+1:

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Awesome, thank you guys! a bit newbie on the forum, can people still post even if the thread is marked as solved?


Yes they can


Yes I would encourage it as there a several other new goodies in the i3 install now. For example picom is now the default compositor.


i3-gaps is a fork of i3wm with some features.

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there is now:

# dex execute .desktop files:

exec --no-startup-id dex -a -s /etc/xdg/autostart/:~/.config/autostart

this will handle all apps using autostart if installed to run on i3 the same way they would do on a full DE:

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So this is new to me… :exploding_head:

@joekamprad 's github drops right on top of KDE plasma. Been a long day. I will play more later. I just switched the environment at sddm login to i3 after running the commands in the readme.