Persistence of Kernel Boot Parameters for systemd-boot

Hi folks, today I trigger my first kernel update after fresh install of Cassini, and I detect some trouble on boot -AGAIN- I’m so sad, but try to explain issue now.
My eos log here show inxi systeminfo

Acutally I solve this issue, simply re edit the new /efi/loader/entries[UUID]-6.1.9-arch1-1.conf because I need to add option ibt=off as workaround for 11th gen Intel Core “problem”,
I posted before some days ago.

So every kernel update write out new file on /efi/loader/entries and unlucky you need to set your kernel boot parameter every time? Lool imho it’s really annoying to follow up all arch rolling
updates that cause system crashes in addition to normal work… Don’t agree?
Well I think is a way to make it persist with some pacman HOOK trigger, but I don’t know what lol :smiley:

Tell me please a easy way to fix it, if anyone know a easy way :smiley: maybe a possible solution is “lock” kernel update to current version or so?
Thank you in advance and greetings.

You don’t edit the entries. You edit /etc/kernel/cmdline

Then run sudo reinstall-kernels to apply the change.

The entries are dynamically generated so they change.

This is also described in the wiki article.

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Wow mate, thank you for your ultra fast reply!
I try to apply you directives now thanks so much :cupid:

Actually don’t remember where I read to edit /efi/loader/entries haha , too many readings this days and much confusion in mind here. :ghost:

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