Performance when dual booting with systemd-manager


I am dual booting windows 11 with endeavour os in my laptop which i7cpu, rtx 3060 and hybrid graphics with xfce and i3wm.

when i installed endeavour os i am seeing 3 options in boot manager

  1. linux boot manager
  2. windows boot manager
  3. windows boot manager (same name as last one)

what’s happening is if i boot my device using linux boot manager into endeavour os without battery. i am seeing a significant lag in my os like not able to play 4k videos in my browser on enos but if i boot with power then there is no lag everything is snappy and good. while using if switch o battery mode i am facing lag and after i switch to power the lag exists.

the only way to enjoy lag free in my laptop is booting my laptop with power and staying plugged in.

The weird thing is if i boot into windows using linux boot manager same problem persists. if in battery mode booted significant lag but in power mode there is no lag.

what i did is i used system boot menu instead of linux boot manager to boot into windows. there are two options. in one option the lag is there in battery mode but with another option there is no lag works great like previously used to.

thanks for reading this long. I am new to linux and I love it. I want to use linux and windows lag free any help would greatly appreciated.

It seems unlikely that systemd-boot is doing anything to impact power management on your device.

I suppose it is possible that the windows boot manager is changing something with power management although I have never heard of that.

Have you checked the power management settings in your bios?

In my bios there is an option as user scenario which is set to balance mode.

It has two modes balance and performance

Have you checked if there is a newer UEFi (Bios) update?

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how to check that?

What is your hardware? Post the url

inxi -Faz | eos-sendlog

If you set performance mode in your bios, all described troubles should be gone.
Watch out for potential overheating of your system, though.

I think that 3060 is sucking all the power away. :laughing:

You probably know much better than me, as I only keep messing around with much older hardware than you guys.
Myself, I’m of make 1961… meaning to say, really old hardware I am. :wink:

I tried that myself setting performance mode but i got overheated very quickly! :laughing:

So TLP plus some custom fan-control makes sense?

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I changed my bios settings. This is caused by Intel speedshoft technology which i disabled because I thought lit is rapid storage technology. Linux supports speedshift so I turned on. I noticed there is no lag now.

Thanks for your help

@ivanhoe only 1961 – > soo young … :rofl:

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