Performance degradation after mesa 1:24.0.4 update (AMD)

Context: My GPU is an AMD RX 6800, and I am on KDE wayland.

So I have been playing Cyberpunk 2077 a lot lately, and I have the settings set so that the game is most of the time just over 60fps so that I can lock the framerate at 60 (same refresh as my tv). However, after updating a few days ago, I noticed that the framerate was now sitting generally around the mid-50s with over 60+ being uncommon, whereas before under 60 was uncommon. Even saw fps in the 40s at some points, which literally never happened before. Due to how gaming on wayland works, dropping even just to 59fps is immediately noticeable with microstuttering, and it only gets worse the lower the framerate goes, so its very noticeable and pretty annoying. And I don’t want to have to drop settings just to make up some performance that pretty much got lost to the void.

I updated about a few days ago, and then rolled back the update after noticing this. I figured it was maybe something (possibly in mesa, that was/is my first guess for what is causing it) that would get noticed and fixed promptly. However after a few days and another mesa update, I tried updating again today and the performance is still degraded. I don’t know the exact date I last updated before the performance loss, but I know it had to be around 2-3 weeks ago and I was on mesa 1:24.0.3-2 before the update. Again, not entirely sure if its mesa (I tried downgrading just mesa, vulkan-radeon and related packages but that ended up just breaking vulkan entirely for some reason). Has anyone else experienced this and/or has a solution besides rolling back again?

EDIT: Got the mesa downgrade to work. Rolling back to 1:24.0.3-2 seems to solve the issue. 1:24.0.4-2 is the version I was on when I first noticed the degradation.

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I am having the same issue but it varies depending on the game. For example the game “Predecessor” it shows like its running in 144fps but it stutters a lot/lags, feels horrible, but at the same time if I play the Witcher it’s buttery smooth. I tried looking for a fix for this or at least if it’s a known issue but I couldn’t find anything. I tried downgrading to 24.0.3-2 but no effect.