Per-application scaling on wayland

Hi all I have an app (specifically Anypoint studio from mulesoft) that just isn’t working with my 124% screen scaling. If I change the scaling back to 100% the app looks as it should. In wayland is there a way to have an application scale differently that the rest of the display? I tried the environmental QT_SCALE_FACTOR and GDK_SCALE (I believe the app is a java GTK app) and neither work with wayland. Also If I can’t do this on a per application manner is there a way to automatically set the scaling to 100 and then back to my original settings programtically which would allow me to write a loader script?

A lot of java applications that I use seem to have their own scaling methods. Some times it involves providing some command line arguments to the app.

Thanks, I’ll have to post on the Mulesoft site to see if there is anything specific I can pass to the app to have it scale properly. So far I’ve not been able to find anything that works.

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