PDF Readers and Segmentation fault on XFCE


If i try to open some of my pdf files, and work with them (i.e. scroll, jump to next page) my readers freeze-crashing.
I have xreader and xournal++ installed, and XFCE.

Error: Segmentation fault (core dumped).

Any help, guys?

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In order for the community to help you further, you can post a log in which the error occurs.

I have xournal++ errorlog
errorlog.20220706-164051.pdf (15.4 KB)

You said it happens with some PDF files, do those problematic files open in Firefox? just to rule out it isn’t the file.

Yes, i can open these files with firefox, and work with them. Those pdf’s are dictionaries (~185 MiB, and 55 MiB).

I had problems with xreader as well. Give atril a look.

xreader was recently updated to 3.4.1-1.

Is this system fully up-to-date?

I’ve installed atril and it also crashes :frowning:


xreader: ../cairo/src/cairo-error.c:68: _cairo_error: Assertion `_cairo_status_is_error (status)' failed.
Aborted (core dumped)


atril: ../cairo/src/cairo-error.c:68: _cairo_error: Assertion `_cairo_status_is_error (status)' failed.
Aborted (core dumped)

I updated the system.

Since the cairo package hasn’t been updated since 4/5, it’s hard to imagine that it’s all-of-a-sudden causing these crashes. I did find a recent thread on the Arch forums:

Like you, some, but not all, PDF files are causing xreader to crash while I navigate the document. I resolved my problem by downgrading to poppler 22.05.0-2 and poppler-glib 22.05.0-2:

sudo downgrade poppler poppler-glib


It looks like this solved the issue.

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There are these in the testing repo:

poppler: 22.07.0-1
poppler-glib: 22.07.0-1

They might have a fix for this issue. I haven’t though looked into it any further.


I just installed poppler 22.07.0-1 and poppler-glib 22.07.0-1 from the testing repo, and they do indeed seem to have fixed this issue.

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That’s great!
I never noticed the issue perhaps because I had updated the system to testing. Not something I do often, but occasionally.

So yes, I can confirm: PDF Readers are working great with old (22.05.0-2), and with test. vers. (22.07.0-1) of popper.

Hmm. I would like to have a stable system with working applications, but everytime something is broken on my XFCE (catfish, flowblade, now readers). Is this ok for linux? Maybe i should try non-arch based distro? Or other DE (i.e. KDE)?

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