PC screen goes black then PC reboots

Hi, I’ve been having this problem where my computer just shuts off and then boots the system again. I’ve never had this problem on when I was using windows. I do not know what to do.

Any help would be appreciated.

Start with supplying your hardware info. Post the url.

inxi -Faz | eos-sendlog

When does it happen? Under heavy load? After a long uptime? Did you overclock anything?

Hello and welcome to the purple side. Please start by providing the information requested by @ricklinux and remember to always help us help you by providing important information such as kernel version gpu/driver version desktop environment and other useful information to help narrow down what steps you can proceed to take.

It just happens randomly and I have underclocked my cpu so that the power usage is not that high and my cpu Temperature is not as high, I set the VDDCR CPU Voltage from 1.472V to 1.2V. And also set the Eco setting on this bios on this ASUS PRIME X570-P - AMD X570 motherboard.

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Here you go: http://ix.io/4zVb
Another one after I restarted: http://ix.io/4zVj

Was this issue happening before you underclock?
To confirm it is not because of that, reset to default settings and test for changes.

You may need a better power supply unit.


My power supply is EVGA SuperNOVA 850 G5, so I don’t think I need a better one. The system is running 80W at idle and is aroung 180-200W when playing a game.

I run an MSI X570 board and i have zero issues.

There are two newer UEFI Bios updates for that motherboard. I suggest you do the following. Update the UEFI Bios to the latest version 4602 dated 2023/03/14. Before that I would uninstall the following package on Cinnamon if it’s installed.


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Yeah, please revert the changes and see if that helps. Windows and Linux might be stable/unstable with different settings. Right now there are multiple potential causes, let’s sort them out one by one. 850W power supply should be more than sufficient.

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