PC family network, best privacy/security practices?

could you suggest me how to protect my family network of PCs (linux and windows) and android iOS tablet/telephones, against malware, intrusive ads…

I was considering to put in the router a DNS like OpenDNS or AdGuard. What’s your opinion? :slight_smile:

(unfortunately I suppose that I will not be able to install PiHole)


Good start is to remove that one out of your chain :rofl:







I use OpenDNS on my family network, which generally works very well. I also set up IPFire as the router.
That said, you cannot truly halt ads and malware if you are using platforms that go out of their way to fling that crap at you.


Out of curiosity, why not?

As for the practices, one thing I tend to do with standard, ISP supplied routers, is enable MAC filtering and add the known and allowed devices’ hardware addresses. Another thing is keep banging on about not being stupid when using a device with internet access. Both things annoy the living shit out of my family, but they’ll have to live with that when asking me for support :smiling_imp:

Will also read the suggestions here and find some interesting stuff to play with, I’m sure. Something to learn more about, before boring my family to death with it :wink:

I would like to, but unfortunately now I have no time to install it :slightly_smiling_face:

(anyway in I will for sure install it in the future on a Raspberry)

Well, I only can speak for me and my family what I have done:

  1. No Windows, only EOS. All machines with encrypted drives.
  2. Backup!
  3. Android Phones with lineageOS with only few Google apps. All apps only get the rights, they really need to work, e.g. GPS location service only for Nokia Here Maps.
  4. Every user has it’s own account.
  5. Using FF as browser with uBlock origin, Tamper monkey and Privacy Badger.
  6. Awareness: we are talking about possible threats and how to avoid that we will be attacked.
  7. For the future I am planning to use PiHole

I would recommend PiHole. Even if it costs time it will help you a lot.


Absolutely bloody LOVE this. Well done.

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do you use an anti malware app/ad blocker on android?
could you recommend me one?

No, we don’t and I don’t have any recommendation.

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I think you get a long way with common sense. Teach your family not to click on everything they see and not download lots of crap from web pages and torrents. Keep everything up to date. Everything from router to computers and everything in between.

For ads uBlock Origin!

Think about Pi-hole. It protects your entire network cheaply. Takes 20 minutes to set up and requires very little maintenance after that.


I’ve found:

and blokada
are opensource :slight_smile: