Pc doesn't shutdown

On Kde plasma and on xfce, when I shut down the system it stucks, and if i power it down long pressing the power button, the computer shuts down, when I repower it the system doesn’t load, and the pc reboots. After that reboot, the system is working.
Please help me… :pray:
EDIT= xfce can shutdown, but when plasma causes this error no desktop loads. Xfce shows blank screen, and kde shows a freezed loading screen

Welcome to the forum. Please provide the links generated by these 2 commands:

inxi -Fxxc0z --no-host | eos-sendlog
journalctl -b -0 | eos-sendlog

The experts will have more info to try to help you. Additionally, you can read this thread about same issue.

Can I upload the logs using termbin.com? I feel safer, maybe my ip goes to site i dunno about…if the answer is not, I’ll use the endeavour one



Yes, you can. Also, if logs are not too long, you can paste them in your post, just use the </> button on editor’s toolbar.

How long do you wait for the shutdown to complete. I suggest you wait min. 5 min

What does the journal show? You could see the journal from last shutdown attempt with “journalctl -b -1



So you say this log is from your last shutdown attempt? The log starts with the kernel loading at 14:38:51 and ends 19 seconds later at 14:39:10. 19 seconds seems pretty short for a boot, login and shutdon cycle. Something is missing here.

No, this log is from the shutdown made during xfce, I cannot do the logs for last shutdown cause I waited for 1h and kde just freezes, it never shuts down

Sure you can: “journalctl -b -1” gives you the complete log from the previous boot until you hit the power button. It is all recorded.

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Will use of shutdown -h now provide any help ?

This is an older Samsung with bios dated 2011. Maybe there is a an update? I don’t know the exact model number so i couldn’t look it up properly. Maybe it’s time for a new drive?