Passwordless my a.. 🤡



And here is an explanation why, for anyone who doesn’t yet get it:


That here has a very long sentence with exactly the opposite of what that is:

Kurt Knight, senior director of platform product marketing at Apple. “Working with the industry to establish new, more secure sign-in methods that offer better protection and eliminate the vulnerabilities of passwords is central to our commitment to building products that offer maximum security and a transparent user experience — all with the goal of keeping users’ personal information safe.”

That seems fishy right here


I’m confused that no one have asked us to THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!1111111 yet…maybe it’s not the right time.



Yeah, it’s not merely a lie, it is exactly the opposite of the truth. :clown_face:


Unless it is open source, A big fat NO! The 3 biggest tech companies working together to make this BS sounds like it won’t be, so I don’t think I am going to trust such a thing. I will stick with random generated passwords from bitwarden and 2fa and simple login email aliases.

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Would it make a difference though?
Minix is open-source too, however it’s used to spy on all of us through Intel ME…


Well, I mean in the sense of being able to know if it is spying on the user, like it is a hard no without knowing what is going on in the back end. If the standard was not doing anything nefarious then it might still be no(what happens if you lose this device that is tied to all this stuff) but at least we would know if it is or not to make that decision.

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While it wouldn’t hurt, use of anything 100% identifiable (like biometry or IMEI used in any phone anyway, unless you go out of your way with tinfoilhattery) tied to your unique id would by definition mean it can and certainly will be used for spying and control, so it’s not hard to know at all :laughing:

Especially if it’s mandatory. Especially if it’s big tech…



Full time tracking of all personal and private data is not really a bad thing (on its own).
It’s like a sharp knife.
The questions are…

  • Do you trust the one who holds the knife?
  • Can you control who holds the knife?

Answer to both questions is always NO :rofl:
Even if it’s myself, who the hell would trust a :clown_face: with sharp knife?!


Or a senior citizen. Oh yeah, with a senior citizen that also includes pointed objects.





How does passwordless login helps in tracking compared to standard password login? The whole point of login is to tell the other side with 100% accuracy who you are.
Unless the device decides on its own when to login I do not see the difference. If that is the case then yes - it is not nice of them at all.
I just imagine it like authentication with GPG or RSA key.

I am still waiting for rollout of the SIN from Shadowrun series. :sweat_smile:

They want this so it’s easier for them not for you! :wink:


I think it’s called password “ONE”. Same password for everything! Never need to remember a single password again. Log into everything anytime. “Trust One” the new pass-wordless system by Apple, Google & Microsoft. You’re most trusted partners. :rofl:


Because they use it as an excuse to force you to use an android device or an iphone, which transmits your IMEI to Goolag/Facepalm and other malicious actors. This is basically just 2FA, but without the password. Of course, it could be done in a transparent, “open source” way, but you can bet your butt that it won’t.

So, it is not about login to google account but to some 3rd party website (like for example) that suddenly decides to outsource login procedure to google - to save cost on user database or something like that? And I have to use a device that supprort this new API.
Do I understand it correctly? Because if I login to google account directly it doesn’t matter which device I use. They know it is me because I authenticated myself with the password that only I can know.

You’re not a fan of reading? :upside_down_face:

How will a passwordless future work?

When you sign into a website or app on your phone, you will simply unlock your phone — your account won’t need a password anymore.


Meaning you’re 100% “securely” and “safely” transparent to everyone from corporations, government and hackers since your phone is…well you know what it is…but have zero control over your identity yourself…

or as i prefer to call it :clown_face: :earth_africa:


No, I just do not understand this constuct. I open my phone before I can use any application not after.
And if I use password or don’t to login anywhere I do not see the difference from the tracking point of view.
Perhaps its beyond my ability to comprehend. :man_shrugging: