Password on login forgotten!

Hi everyone
Old laptop used for shop was left unused for so long that the usual happens… password login is not what we thought and all variations… you know what i mean :frowning: …just dont work.
The Laptop has DVD player and usb ports of course. I do a little linux terminal only as needed…
I’m not sure what version is loaded… Artemis Neo? shows under EneavourOS (Endos)
My first thought was to load a Disk or USB with the installer for Endos then using the “trial” version that I used to see as option come up, then possibly accessing terminal from there and find out what the command is to reset is? Am i on the right track?
I’m not 100% sure what files created on it are still present however, I think we moved all data off as the laptop was being sold some time ago so … might consider fresh install?

Not an urgent case however need some help here - thanks

This article has a few ideas that may be worth a shot:

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Thankyou for the info - printed. :wink:
will post followup asap.

after 2 attempts to reload Endo (endevouros) from bootable USB drive both gave “grub 2” error’s at restart? So could not proceed. Downloaded current Mint version, as used before just to get laptop working again. Downside was now have lost touch pad full control - Fixed
will have to figure out why Endo install issue occurred and work around - then try again.
Only in my case I determined that the files on the Laptop could be erased without serious consequences. Therefore any work around was not used this time.

I will try again to install Endo through the laptop download. Should work ok…

Looks like a know issue with using * Linux Live USB Creator as it changes partition labels??

Loaded Endo in partition with Mint

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