Password not working even if i change it

I’m desperate. I’ve changed my password via arch-root and other many ways, but it still doesn’t work when I try to log in.

Whenever I try to log in, it says “invalid password, please try again”

I’m using Xfce and my system is up-to-date.

I’m somewhat new to Arch, but i’m having a good time using it.

Try typing the password in the username field to confirm it is showing up how you expect it to (not with a different keyboard layout, etc).

If you switch to a TTY, can you log in from there?

What is the specific method you are using?

I’ve used the TTY and it still didn’t work. No, trying to type in the username field doesn’t work too.

I’m using this method: Reset Password On Any Linux Distro (No Root Needed) - YouTube (i’ve used all of these methods, except the systemd one)

I’m not that desperate anymore. I’m using Arch on a VM just to test it and become more and more adapted, so i can finally migrate. I’ll test another Desktop Environment now, so thanks for your help.

faillock could have been in the way too…

And the best way is to arch-chroot and simply run: passwd username

But in case its only “normal” users password… you still can login via TTY as root using initial created password from installer… if both does stop working out of nowhere it wioll be more like something with keyboard layout or language settings…

And welcome here @Papito have fun and do not follow random tutorials… best is to ask here or at telegram chat just in case the fellow EndeavourOS user are always there to help!