Password for full disk encryption only asked once

A while ago I posted this thread, where I was surprised, that the encryption passphrase for the SSD was requested only after the initial post-installation reboot. And after that the drive was not encrypted anymore.

I just helped a fellow co-worker to setup Manjaro on his Lenovo device as well, and he had the same issue. Now I’m wondering if there’s a bug somewhere in the Arch distro, and if there’s any way to report it?

Also, I’m not sure, how to reproduce it and gather some logs.

Your output showed that the installation was never encrypted. A luks volume won’t just disappear completely after the first reboot.

It is more likely to be something happening during the install process.

You could try installing in a VM and see if it happens again. If is does, share the install logs which are copied to /var/log on the installed system.